About Us

If you suffer from pain in different areas due to long hours of sitting, we are here to end your suffering. For long hours of gaming, office work, study, or anything else, we research and review the best chair for you. This website is dedicated to solving any chair-related issues and helps you maintain the best posture while sitting. Our goal is to make long hours of sitting painless and keep you healthy.

Hi! I’m Ethan. Games are the second thing that I breathe. Also, I have a day job that requires long hours of sitting. So, my24-hour schedule includes a lot of sitting time both at the office and at home. That is why I researched a lot for the best chairs and don’t get chronic back pain. I thought of publishing my researched information through my website. Read our articles and you will get benefitted a lot.

Hello! My name is Anna. Ethan and I work in the same office and we are kind of perfectionists. After a few months of our sitting job, I got some warning signs of back pain. So, I told the issue to Ethan and he agreed with me. After that, we did some research on the internet and choose the best office chairs for us. Ethan also got a gaming chair for his home. So, we decided to go on publishing our research and here we are. I hope that you get your desired chair and proper guidelines through our website.