How To Clean AKRacing Chair: Expert Tips & Tricks

Sitting for an extended period is unhealthy for us. Moreover, our body is made to perform tasks, such as walking, running, and jumping around. However, that isn’t the case anymore. A vast number of people have desk jobs in today’s world; this even includes gamers. Hence, you may ask, “does having a desk job solve the unhealthy sitting problem?”

That’s where gaming chairs come into action. Gaming chairs have tons of benefits to offer to your body. Moreover, some companies such as AKRacing devote themselves to making these types of chairs. AKRacing chairs help improve your personal posture while sitting. Therefore, it would be preferable if you take care of these chairs on a daily basis. That being said, let’s find out how to clean an AKRacing chair.

How To Clean AKRacing Chair

A comfortable gaming chair improves the blood flow to your lower body and reduces your joint aches. In addition, it also lets you work while sitting ergonomically. On the other hand, we have all been sloppy at one time or another in our lives. Thus, knocking over a drink and spilling it on your gaming chair is anything unusual.

AKRacing Chair

At the same time, you may also stain the chair by dropping ranch dressing all over it. Nonetheless, you will need to come up with a suitable cleaning system to prevent any damage to the chair. Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t compromise the quality of the cleaning products you will use.

AKRacing Gaming chairs come equipped with cleaning instructions. Therefore, we suggest that you read the manual thoroughly before you proceed with the cleaning process. However, you can always include your own little twist to the regimen in addition to the instructions. Furthermore, there are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning the chair.

Type Of Material

We are all aware that different companies use different materials during production. AKRacing isn’t different either. Therefore, knowing what your gaming chair is made out of is your first objective when cleaning it. According to the AKRacing website, they make their chairs out of PU leather and fabric. Hence, you will have to use chemicals that don’t harm this type of material.

Cleaning Items

Now that you know what type of material your AKRacing chair is made of, it’s time to gather suitable cleaning tools. We highly advise against using some kind of chemical on the PU leather. Moreover, you will only need two things- a clean rag and a tub of hot water. It’s really that simple.

Cleaning Items

However, you will have to use a different approach for the chairs made out of fabric. The fabric that the company uses is 100% polyester. Thus, you can perform a wet cleaning on it. In addition, we recommend using a steam vacuum and a liquid detergent. However, it is vital that you don’t get the fabric too wet.

Chair Cleaning Items

Cleaning Process

To begin with, eliminate any sorts of dust present on the surface. It would be best if you use a microfiber rag if you own a PU leather AKRacing chair. Rubbing the rag on the leather creates a static effect that lifts all the dust and debris off the leather’s surface.

On the other hand, you will have to put in more effort when it comes to an AKRacing chair that consists of fabric. These models collect dust that gets stuck in the fibers of the fabrics. Therefore, it is quite tricky to get rid of them using a cloth or a rag. Thus, you will need to use a vacuum cleaning machine and a clean brush for this process.

Chair Cleaning Process 1

It’s time to go deep cleaning once you complete the previous step. To begin with, you must first decide what sort of stain you are working with. However, you may not be able to identify the stain. Fear not, for we will tell you about the chemicals you can use to remove a specific stain.

Your PU leather AKRacing chair undergoes a lot of stains throughout its lifetime. Rubbing it with warm water usually removes all the stains. However, some of them can be stubborn. These may include ink stains. Thus, the best solution to ink stains is rubbing alcohol. Additionally, an all-purpose spray will remove any liquid from the leather as well.

Chair Cleaning Process

Congrats! You were able to complete the most difficult part of the procedure. Now it’s time to attend to the other parts of the chair, such as the wheels, frame, and armrests. Cleaning them is a simple task. Moreover, you only have to use a rag, soap, and warm water to clean these plastic parts. Once you finish doing that, use a cloth to dry the chair.

How Do You Maintain A Gaming Chair

The cleaning process sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? You could avoid this by simply keeping your gaming chair clean and looking after it. Moreover, you would be doing yourself and your family a favor if you maintain proper hygiene when you’re using the chair.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Gaming chair companies advise their users to refrain from eating while sitting on their chairs. However, this doesn’t stop gamers from carrying a bunch of potato chips and eating them while sitting. Thus, it would be best if you take a lot of napkins if you must have to eat while you’re on the chair.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Therefore, doing this will prevent you from wiping all the potato chip’s oil on the chair’s sides. Moreover, we strongly suggest that you use a plate when eating foods such as pizzas and burgers. Using a plate ensures that the sauce is going to drip on the plate and not on the chair.

Cover It Up

Cover up Chair

All furniture is going to collect dust over time if you don’t look after them. A gaming chair isn’t any exception. Therefore, we recommend that you cover it up using an old blanket before leaving your house for a holiday. This makes sure that your chair will not become dusty upon returning. Thus, saving you from the troubles of cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article presents you with a complete guideline on how you can clean your AKRacing chair. However, it doesn’t offer any solutions to the concerns we get through comments and emails every day. Hence, we have taken the decision to respond to some of them below-

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

The price of a gaming chair can vary. An expensive model can cost between $300-$500. This is because they provide more features. Moreover, they consist of high-quality padding, armrests, etc. Additionally, they offer more comfort and are more effective.

Are gaming chairs overrated?

Keeping personal opinions aside, a surprising amount of people consider gaming chairs as overrated. This is mostly because some companies retail them at a ridiculous price and don’t offer a long-lasting warranty. However, it is beneficial for people who sit behind a computer for long hours.

Are AKRacing chairs good?

AKRacing chairs are one of the best gaming chairs out there. Moreover, they offer high-quality cold foam paddings in all of their chairs. They also provide many ergonomic features, which ensure that you have proper posture when you’re seated.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

A decent gaming chair with well-built ergonomic functions supports your back. Moreover, it also helps improve your posture. Additionally, the chair also helps align your spine and reduces back pain. Therefore, they aren’t bad for your back.

Should I buy an office chair or gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are, without a doubt, superior to traditional office chairs. This is because they provide support and help you maintain posture when sitting for a long time. Moreover, they offer more features than an office chair in the same price range.

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