How to Clean Chair Cushions (6 Methods)

If you have spilled some coffee or anything else on your favorite chair, you don’t need to panic. Like other furniture in your home, you can clean it too. There are many methods to clean the stains of the chair. Here, we are going to see almost all possible methods on how to clean chair cushions. Before we start our main section, let’s talk about the preparation phase.


The preparation stage involves several steps too like the ones you will see in the methods. Firstly, you will have to see the tag of your cushion cover and know the material. According to the material, you will have to treat it differently.

Also, you will see several signs where ‘W’ means water-based detergents are permissible, ‘S’ means water-free products are permissible, ‘WS’ means both are okay, and ‘X’ means only professional cleaning is permissible.

Finally, gather the specific type of detergent or cleaning solution that your cushion tag suggests. Before you begin the cleaning process, you can use a vacuum cleaner to gather large objects, hair, and dust.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can take out the cushion cover and shake it well. But it can’t be possible for non-removable upholstery. Otherwise, for both removable and non-removable cushion covers or upholstery, the preparation is the same.

How to Clean Chair Cushion That’s Removable

A lot of chairs come with removable cushions for customer’s convenience. Not only the cushions are comfortable but also they are replaceable when it is not soft enough. Let’s see how you can clean removable chair cushions effectively.

How to Clean Chair Cushion That’s Removable

Method 1: Using Linseed Solution

For pure leather, everyone should be extra careful and the best way to treat leather is to take professional services. But you can do it carefully using commercial leather cleaning solutions at home. However, if it is not pure leather and you couldn’t care less, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Take such a bottle that will allow you to spray the liquid on the spot.

Step 2: Inside that bottle, pour one-part vinegar and 2 parts linseed oil and mix it well.

Step 3: Spray that solution on a dry cloth and rub it into your leather cushion cover.

Step 4: Let it dry for like 10 minutes and take another dry cloth afterward to clean any residue.

Method 2: Using a Suede Brush

As you see the tool to clean, you guessed it right that this method is for cleaning suede cushion covers. Before you begin following the steps, vacuuming the cover will let you clean the cover with less effort and time.

Step 1: From your local store or online, you will have to order some suede rubbing cloths and suede nap brushes.

Step 2: Take a bowl and mix one-part water and one part rubbing alcohol to perfectly clean this type of cushion cover.

Step 3: Dip the brush in the solution and gently rub the cleaning area in an X pattern.

Method 3: Using Dish Detergent

This is for cleaning vinyl covers and you won’t have to remove them to clean even if they are removable.

Step 1: Take a dry cloth and a bowl to mix the solution of dish detergent and water.

Step 2: Now, dip the cloth into the solution and make it soaking wet.

Step 3: Squeeze it and make sure that the cloth is not dripping before applying it on the vinyl cover.

Step 4: Finally, take another dry cloth and wipe off any residue and you will have a nice and clean vinyl cushion cover that looks like a new one.

How to Clean Chair Cushion That’s Non-Removable

Non-removable cushions are a bit tougher to clean than the removable ones. Because removable chair cushions are not in the danger of getting damaged due to the cleaning process. If your chair’s upholstery is pure leather, you must take it to the professional cleaner. Other than that, follow our methods for different types of materials.

How to Clean Chair Cushions

Method 1: Using a Steam Cleaner

Using a steam cleaner, you can clean your chair cushion without making it dripping wet. So, let’s see the steps for using a steam cleaner properly.

Step 1: Vacuum the upholstery for maximum dirt and dust so that the job for the steam cleaner becomes easy

Step 2: Get the appropriate steam cleaner with the right accessory and heat the water according to your cushion material.

Step 3: Now, clean the surface with the cleaner slowly and wipe the excess water with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Finally, keep it in a place with maximum airflow to make it air-dry or use a blow dryer for quick drying.

Method 2: Using a Custom Cleaning Solution

If you are okay with the upholstery being a bit wet, you can check this method out. Also, you don’t have to use this solution all over the cushion. You can apply it to some specific spots with stubborn stains.

Step 1: Take a bowl and pour some slightly warm water into it.

Step 2: Add a detergent of your preference and mix it properly.

Step 3: Choose a sponge according to your cushion material and dip it in the solution.

Step 4: Rub hardly on the spots and stop when you see the stain is removed.

Step 5: Clean the detergent with some wet cloth, and then, use a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 6: Finally, dry it well with a blow dryer or a fan if you are in a hurry.

Method 3: Using the Dry-Cleaning Solvent

In your local store, you will find dry-cleaning solvents, buy some, and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the windows because dry cleaning solvents release odor and some gases that might cause a temporary breathing problem.

Step 2: Don’t apply the solvent directly to the cushion cover as it might damage the fabric. So, apply it on a clean rug at first because the dry-cleaning solvents are highly concentrated.

Step 3: Now, rub the rug on the required spot and clean it afterward with a dry cloth. Don’t apply too much solvent as it might discolor the cushion.


Those methods described above will give you solutions for low to medium-tough stains. Moreover, you can use your washing machine to clean removable covers if the fabric allows. Otherwise, you should consult with a cleaning expert if the upholstery is expensive.

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