How To Clean Gaming Chair: No More Dirty & Smelly Chair!

Did you ever give a thought to how much you spend your time sitting? For people who spend their time gaming, they spend 6 hours a day, 42 hours a week, and 180 hours a month just sitting! And this also applies to individuals who spend their hours sitting in a chair on their working days.

In desks and tables, it is easy to see if it is untidy and in need of maintenance. It is that much harder to realize if the chair is messy and what is hiding in the spot you are seated. So we might ask ourselves, why are we supposed to keep our chairs clean & how to clean the gaming chair? Let’s work it out—

Why You Should Keep Your Chair Clean

Research suggests that the chair seat is one of the unhealthiest places you’ll ever inhabit during your lifetime. So it is important to clean your chair. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your chair clean:

1. Germs and Bed Bugs

The unknown dirt in the chair is the breeding hotspot for germs. Survey has demonstrated that in the chair, which goes to the desk to the meals to cell phones, there are more than 20,000 different varieties of germs. No wonder why chairs contain more bacteria than seats in the toilet!

Germs and Bed Bugs

Weak personal hygiene, who do not wash their hands regularly or scrub their chairs, consume this bacterium directly or indirectly. It adds to the outbreak of cold, fever, pneumonia, diarrhea, and even skin rashes.

2. Greater Comfort

Greater Comfort

A few studies have shown that there is a relationship between cleanliness and comfort. A squeaky, polished chair gives a more enjoyable atmosphere. People who have been sitting on them for a long time know how important cleanliness is and will certainly prefer a cleaner chair to a filthy chair infested with germs.

3. Lasts Longer

Gaming Chair

The stains and dirt in a chair shorten the chair’s longevity so that it appears aged and unattractive. Stains are persistent in the chair in most cases if it is not washed. This is the particular reason why we throw our chairs. With periodic cleaning or even cleaning once a week, the chairs last longer and suit their function better.

4. Air Quality

Good chair cleaning is very important for individuals with allergies to asthma and dust. Many people may not understand it, but it can be really dangerous to them. The particular reason for this circumstance is clearly for the uncleanliness of chairs.

Air Quality

Sterile chairs will get rid of concerns such as mold, dirt, and allergens. In your household, it increases the air quality. Poor air quality can cause breathing issues in any house and also cause bad odor.

How To Clean Gaming Chair

The most dedicated gamers know how important it is to be comfortable while they are playing. But as you have read our article so far, you know why cleanliness is so important. So why wouldn’t you take the time to keep it nice and clean? Here is how you can clean them-

How To Clean Gaming Chair

1. Verify the Game Chair’s Material

Various materials craft different chairs. The products used by manufacturers will differ significantly. Each item also has its cleaning path.

2. The Gaming Chair Cleaning Equipment

Once you figure out what content your gaming chair is made of, collect all the things you need to clean a chair. You’ll need a bucket of lukewarm water at the very least, a clean towel, and a brush.

The Gaming Chair Cleaning Equipment 1

You should use washing powder to clean it if you are the person who eats and leaves the chairs with foot crumbles. Isn’t the material in your chair heavy? Washing powder or even dish detergent may be used. Whatever you choose, make sure it is moderate and less alcohol-based, as the weaker material would be more likely to eat away.

The Gaming Chair Cleaning Equipment

Stronger fabric can stand up to solvents dependent on alcohol. Using these kinds of solvents would provide your chair with a thorough cleaning and eradicate stubborn stains as well.

3. Deep Cleaning The Fabric For Specks Of Dust

It would be possible for dirt and dust to accumulate in the seams and creases in a gaming chair. To minimize this dust build-up in your chair, you should use a vacuum cleaner.

Deep Cleaning The Fabric For Specks Of Dust

You should use a duster or a cleaner to remove it if your chair is made up of fabrics like PU or PVC leather. Through constantly vacuuming it, gaming chairs made of cloth and mesh will remove dust. Dusting and vacuuming both serve to improve the material’s existence and it appears ageless.

4. Tougher On The Stubborn Stains

Tougher On The Stubborn Stains

Some stains may not come off so readily, as mentioned. If you don’t scrub the chair for months then stains you got before it starts to become permanent. In these cases, with a warm detergent water solution, rub the area firmly. Use rubbing alcohol if it still doesn’t come in, just try not to spill a whole bunch of it.

5. Rest Part Of The Gaming Chair

It is possible to forget the legs and arms of a chair. As we contact them every day, these main areas are much more critical than any other component. These places are often composed of plastic.

It is easy to scrub these areas with lukewarm soapy water and generously massage them. To prevent any damage to the plastic, it needs to be dried instantly. To preserve the color, use the less alkaline solution as well.

Tips For Maintaining A Gaming Chair

Cleaning the chair when it’s already dusty is one way to operate, but just maintaining good chair maintenance and keeping the gaming chair tidy is much better. To keep your gaming chair clean, here are a few tips.

Tips For Maintaining A Gaming Chair

1. Avoid Direct Sunshine

Making sure your gaming chair is not located too close to the window or any other spot where direct sunshine can be accessed. The heat from sunlight will stiffen and break the leather. Keep it in a cooler spot. Remember to draw the curtains if you choose to keep them beside the window.

2. Precautions On Eating

It is safer not to eat in a chair, but a gamer should not waste his time consuming a meal. To prevent dropping the food on the chair, it is advised to use a plate and a lot of napkins if you have a pick-up treat. Try covering your chair with an old or unclean piece of fabric or blanket when you are dining, whether you are a sloppy eater.

3. Keep It Dry

The materials used in a gaming chair are often advised to keep it dry. Moisture penetration will damage the material’s texture. Sweating on hot days is natural. If you’re sticky from sweating, stop sitting and leaning on the chair. Do not sit in the chair right after you have taken a shower, either. If you have leaked liquid on the chair, clean it up quickly with a towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article has furnished you with imperative information about why you should keep your chair clean. Still, got a question? We’re here to answer! There are few options right here that our fellow readers usually call for—

How do you clean a smelly gaming chair?

Mix a little baking soda, salt and water then make a paste. Apply the paste on the smelly gaming chair, leave for an hour. Then, using a wet cloth wipe away the powder and the excess. Sooner, you will get rid of the smell.

How do you deodorize a chair?

Apply baking soda to a small area of the chair. To get rid of stronger odors, coat the whole piece with baking soda by sprinkling it and gently rubbing it in. Enable the baking soda to stay overnight on the piece. Then, remove the powdered residue using a damped piece of cloth.

Does Febreze really work?

Yes, the water in the product partially dissolves the odor when you spray Febreze, enabling it to form a complication within the hole of the cyclodextrin donut form. There’s always a stinky smell, but it can’t attach to your odor receptors, so you can’t detect it.

How do I keep my gaming setup clean?

There are many ways you can do that. The initial step is to clean your gaming setup every two to three days a week.

Why does my chair smell so bad?

Sterile chairs will get rid of concerns such as mold, dirt, and allergens. Hence, it decreases the air quality. Poor air quality is the main reason for bad odour and that is why the chair smells so bad.

To Sum Up

We’ve come to an end, sooner or later. You know, at least now, that you should keep your chair clean and how to keep it neat and tidy in the future. Hope this makes your game ever more hygienic and stress-free. Now you can win all your games with that polished chair by following the steps of how to clean gaming chair. Stay clear!

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