How To Clean Leather Office Chair 2022

We have all been- more or less- the victims of office stress at least once in our lives. Moreover, having to sit on your office chair for countless hours can really get to you as well. Therefore, you surely know about the importance of having an ergonomic office chair that is comfortable sitting on.

Studies show that having a quality leather office chair can boost up your productivity to greater levels. In addition, it also lets you spend long sessions on your desk without stressing your spine. However, investing in these types of chairs means that you’re going to have to look after them. Worry not, for we are going to show you how to clean a leather office chair.

When To Clean Your Leather Office Chair

Generally, you clean the dust and dirt off your leather office chair once every two to four weeks. However, the exact frequency is determined by how much the chair is used. Therefore, we suggest that it would be best to clean the office chair once every week. It would also be beneficial if you used a clean cloth to do that.Leather Office Chair

In addition, cleaning it once a week ensures that the dirt doesn’t settle into the leather of your office chair. Therefore, you prevent any damage that the dirt may cause to the leather by doing this. Moreover, cleaning it regularly also helps increase the chair’s lifetime.

How To Clean Leather Office Chair

Spilling a cup of coffee or any kind of drink on your leather office chair isn’t anything unusual. However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re having a nice cup of coffee or a greasy snack. What’s important is the approach that you take for dealing with the aftermath.

How To Clean Leather Office Chair

On the other hand, you may not be familiar with the correct method of cleaning the chair. Therefore, you may ask, “which cleaning method is ideal for these types of chairs?” Fear not, for we will provide you with an extensive guideline on how to clean a leather office chair. Thus, without further ado, let’s begin!

Type Of Leather

Different companies use various materials to produce their leather office chairs. Furthermore, the quality and form of leather used differ from one company to the next. Thus, it is vital to know what type of leather the manufacturer uses in their production. However, the most common types of leathers used in office chairs are faux and PU leather.

Cleaning Items

Now that you know what type of leather your office chair consists of, it’s time for you to proceed to the next stage. Therefore, It’s time for you to start gathering your cleaning products. However, it would be best if you bear in mind that a specific type of leather requires specific cleaning chemicals.

vacuum cleaner for chair

The essentials that you will require for cleaning faux leather include dish soap, baby oil, a sponge, vacuum cleaner. In addition, you will also need a bucket of warm water, appropriate and an appropriate leather conditioner. Moreover, we would also suggest that you keep at least two microfibre cloths during the cleaning process.

cleaning item for chair

On the other hand, the process of cleaning PU leather is a fairly easy task. Moreover, it is also a cost-efficient method. Furthermore, the only cleaning items you will need for the method are warm water, detergent, and a cloth. That’s all you will be needing! Don’t worry; the process is as simple as it sounds.

Cleaning Faux Leather

To begin with, the first thing you’ll be using is a vacuum cleaner for the faux leather office chairs. Therefore, switch on the vacuum and set it to ‘low suction, and gently start cleaning the upholstery. Doing this ensures that there is no surface dust present. Besides, a dust build-up can really damage the leather.

Once you finish vacuuming, make a cleaning mixture by adding dish soap and warm water together. Then, dip a clean microfiber cloth into the solution and squeeze it to drain the extra water out. Now you’re all set to wipe the surface of the faux leather. Hence, start cleaning your office chair thoroughly, leaving no spot untouched. Lastly, dry it using the second cloth.

cleaning faux leather chair

Additionally, you can also use a leather conditioner once you finish cleaning your office chair. Using the conditioner is going to give the chair a shiny finish. However, you can also use a homemade option such as baby oil. To do this, apply a small portion onto a sponge. Then, use it to treat the whole surface lightly.

However, we would recommend that you try out the baby oil on a small area of the leather surface first. This is to make sure that it is safe and doesn’t harm the leather. Finally, let the chair dry naturally in a bright and airy room. The end result is truly satisfying to witness!

Cleaning PU Leather

In contrast, removing dust and cleaning stains on a PU leather office chair is much more simple. Moreover, we have previously mentioned that you’ll mostly be needing warm water and detergent during the cleaning process. Thus, let’s see how this ‘water-soap’ combo helps remove spots and stains from a PU leather office chair.

First and foremost, you must clean the surface dust that has gathered on the PU leather. Unlike faux leather, you don’t need to vacuum the surface. Instead, wipe the leather using a clean cloth; the rubbing creates a static effect that lifts all the dust off the surface.

cleaning pu leather chair

Your PU leather office chair sustains a lot of stains and spots throughout its life. Therefore, it’s crucial to know about the nature of the stain to determine which chemical you’re using. Generally, you can remove most spots using just warm water and a cloth.

However, some stains can get quite mulish and may not come off easily. Therefore, you will need specific chemicals for certain stains and spots. For example, ink stains are very difficult to remove using only water and soap. However, you can easily get rid of it using rubbing alcohol as it is one of the best solutions for ink stains.

Finally, you’re done completing the most difficult part of the cleaning process. Now, you can go ahead and clean the other parts of the chair, such as the metal frames. Cleaning these components isn’t rocket science either. Just dip a clean rag into the ‘water-soap’ mixture and start wiping it up and down, and voila! You’re done cleaning your leather office chair.

Tips For Maintaining Leather Office Chairs

Well, we are no experts. However, we did try mentioning some of the common tips people utilize when maintaining their leather office chairs. As a result, we firmly advise that you obey these guidelines.

By being cautious around your leather office chair while drinking beverages, you reduce the chances of spilling your drink on it. We also suggest maintaining a humidity level of 40-55% in the workplace. Going under 40% dries out the leather, whereas going above 55% moistens it. For extra protection, you can also apply a leather protectant product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article provides you with an in-depth guideline on how you can clean your leather office chairs. However, it doesn’t quite offer any solutions to the questions we receive through emails and comments every day. Hence, we have decided to answer some of them below-

Are leather office chairs good?

-Manufacturers produce leather office chairs that are highly durable for withstanding a lot of weight. Moreover, it also assists you and your employees to work for long sessions at your office. Therefore, they are indeed good for us.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

Usually, companies build office chairs in low volume at very high standards. Moreover, clients can also order hundreds of customizable office chairs. Besides, they also have a lot of mechanisms behind them.

What is the best chair for sitting?

There are many top-notch quality ergonomic chairs that are comfortable to sit on. However, according to physicians and doctors, Herman Miller’s Aeron chairs and Ticova ergonomic office chairs are among the very best.

Is mesh better than leather?

Keeping personal opinions aside, office chairs consisting of leather are highly durable, stylish, and easier to clean. However, mesh office chairs are much more breathable and cost-efficient. Therefore, we suggest that you make a decision considering your personal preference.

What is the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair?

Most manufacturers make gaming chairs that have a very stylish and flashy design. Whereas office chairs prioritize comfort over design. However, the purpose of both types of chairs is to make sure that you’re sitting comfortably and ergonomically

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