How To Clean Steelcase Leap Chair: Deep Cleaning Hacks

When you think about it, most of us spend a significant amount of our lives working at an office. Moreover, we are all familiar with how stressful it can get, aren’t we? In addition, you also spend an extended period sitting on your office chair at your desk. As a result, it’s important to ensure that you’re at ease.

The workload is much more bearable when you have a cozy office chair to relax on. Thus it is safe for us to say that working on such chairs increases your work efficiency. Companies such as Steelcase are leading developers of comfortable office chairs. However, regardless of the company, it is also vital to keep these chairs clean and tidy. So, let’s have a look at how to clean a Steelcase Leap chair.

Why Should You Clean Your Office Chair

A surprising amount of people consider their workplace as their second home. Therefore, having an office chair that smells and looks unclean can take a toll on your productivity. Thus, we suggest that it would be best if you keep your office chair clean to ensure that you’re working efficiently.

Why Should You Clean Your Office Chair

Keeping a clean chair at your office can also help create a long-lasting impression on your customers and colleagues. This can be beneficial for you, especially when you’re welcoming new employees and customers. Moreover, having an organized office with clean furniture naturally gives off a happy vibe. Thus, cleaning your office chair is an ideal decision.

How To Clean Steelcase Leap Chair

Your Steelcase Leap chair is likely to accumulate a lot of germs and dust over time. One of the key reasons for this is the frequent use of the chair. Moreover, there’s a chance that you may also spill your coffee or drop your food on the chair. Thus, this can easily stain the chair.

How To Clean Steelcase Leap Chair

Fear not, for we will provide you with a complete guideline on how you can properly clean your Steelcase Leap chair. To begin with, the Steelcase company offers a cleaning instructions manual with its products. Therefore, a Leap chair isn’t any different, either. Thus, we would suggest that you look into the manual before going ahead with the cleaning process.

Cleaning Products

The manufacturers at Steelcase use top-notch materials to produce the Leap chair. Therefore, they advise that it would be best to use cleaning chemicals that the company approves of. The reason is simple; they ran over 16,000 different tests to see which cleaning product is the most effective.

Cleaning Products

On the other hand, you can use a chemical of your choice if you want to. However, it would be best if you first spray it on a small area of the chair to determine its effect.  Thus, this prevents any damage to the chair, if the cleaning fluid is toxic.

Chair Cleaning Products

In addition, Steelcase uses high-quality fabrics while making the Leap chair. As a result, we firmly advise against using any disinfectants. That’s because they are capable of harming most fabrics. Thus, it is ideal not to use them unless a fabric company approves explicitly of it.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a process in which you reach hard-to-locate spots and clean the dirt and grime from these areas. This is much more different than traditional cleaning. Moreover, it also helps remove all the microbes and contagions that may live on your furniture’s surface and reduces transmission.

To perform a deep clean on a soft surface such as fabric, you will need to follow a few steps. Moreover, all of these steps have been approved by Steelcase company itself. Thus, without further ado, let’s find out what these steps are, shall we?

Deep Cleaning

To begin with, combine water and dish soap in a 1:16 ratio in a spray bottle. Gently and evenly spray the mixture on the fabric until it becomes damp. Make sure that the mixture coats the surface and doesn’t soak it. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Finally, use a dry vacuum to clear any remaining moisture before allowing it to dry naturally.

Unlike soft surfaces, you can easily disinfect the hard surfaces of a Steelcase Leap chair. This includes the plastic and metal parts of the chair. Cleaning the hard surfaces is fairly an easy task to carry out. First of all, use one of the disinfectants that are EDA-approved.

However, one of these chemicals can not be available when you need it. Thus, we suggest that it would be best to use the same dish soap and water mixture. If you could mix it in a 1:16 ratio, then it would be perfect. Apply the mixture and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Finally, wipe it to dry.

Cleaning Stains

Usually, our solution to spilling liquids is wiping it off using a cloth or paper towel. That is the first thing you’ll not be doing when you spill any drink on your Leap chair. Instead, using a dry cloth for absorbing the liquid would be the ideal decision in that situation.

Cleaning Stains

By doing this, you reduce the amount of liquid that is going to sink into the fabric. It would be best if you could suck out the liquid by blotting it with a dry rag. Rubbing it will only add kerosene to the fire and damage the fabric. On the other hand, never apply bleach on your Leap chair. It may damage the fabric.

Are Office Chairs Good For Your Back

Sitting on an uncomfortable office chair for prolonged sessions spells nothing but trouble for your back. In contrast, owning the correct type of office chair for yourself will drastically help maintain your posture. Moreover, it will also help reduce your backaches. As a result, selecting an office chair that is easy to sit in is critical.

Quality office chairs offer a lot of ergonomic features that are beneficial for your body. Especially your lower back. For example, these features include good lumbar support and cushions that provide good back support. The most significant benefit you will receive from these features is that it reduces your lower backpressure.

Are Office Chairs Good For Your Back

However, no matter how good an office chair is, working in a static posture is never beneficial for your back. Therefore, we suggest that you take regular breaks from your work and get up to stretch and walk. This ensures that your lower back muscles don’t stress out and cause you any back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article provides you with a comprehensive guide on how you can clean your Steelcase Leap chair. However, it doesn’t quite offer any feedback on the concerns we receive through emails and comments every day. Thus, we have decided to respond to some of them below-

Is Steelcase Leap worth it?

Although the price is quite high, the Steelcase Leap delivers more than enough ergonomic features and functions for its price tag. Keeping personal opinions aside, a Steelcase Leap is definitely a worthy and comfy office chair for you to purchase.

How much is a Steelcase Leap chair?

The price of the Leap chairs vary according to their version. However, the starting price of the most basic model of the Steelcase Leap chair starts at just over $810. Also, the price tag of the newer versions can even go above $2000.

Can you add a headrest to Steelcase Leap?

A free headrest is one of the benefits that come along with a Steelcase Leap chair. You can usually install this easily. However, there are models where you receive the headrest and chair separately. Thus, you will need to install it yourself.

Can you use baking powder to clean upholstery?

We usually answer this question with a yes. To begin the process, dust a plentiful amount of baking powder onto the upholstery. Let the baking powder sit for around 20 minutes. The baking powder will help reduce the odor from the upholstery.

How do you adjust a leap on a Steelcase?

To adjust the leap on a Steelcase chair, move the button under the chair’s arm caps upwards to adjust the height. Hold the headrest and lift it or press it down to a height of your preference. Finally, to raise the chair, pull the lever upwards.

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