How To Fix A Computer Chair That Keeps Sinking: DIY Tutorial

It is quite tiring to spend long hours on the job itself. As the day progresses, you can begin to lose efficiency, and that is why things like a mug of tea and a comfy chair are increasingly necessary.

Computer chairs use a pressure gauge that, by heated water, regulates the height of the chair. Many chairs’ cylinders fail within several years, typically because the seals are too damaged to withstand pressure.

However, You can purchase a new cylinder to return your chair to full operation, but this is almost as costly as purchasing a replacement. Rather than fixing your chair at one comfortable height, follow these simple DIY techniques on how to fix a computer chair that keeps sinking.

Why Does My Computer Chair Keep Sinking

A piston regulates the valve that your height adjustment lever regulates, allowing air in / out. If your chair continues to sink, it is likely that the piston, also recognized as a chair cylinder, has failed.

You’ll need to start replacing the piston or purchasing a bigger chair to fix it. Even so, removing the cylinder in a desk chair can be difficult and in certain cases impossible.

However, the portion of the chair that links the base to the seat is a computer chair cylinder. And it is because of this that we can move the seat up or down. The chair’s piston is packed with nitrogen gas. So the nitrogen gas will turn chambers within the cylinder as you pull the chair lever, enabling it to travel up and down.

The lock-in cylinder tends to die out and leak over time and after excessive use of your chair. Thus, it is the cylinder that causes the chair to sink.

How To Fix A Computer Chair That Keeps Sinking

A sinking office chair does not indicate that it is bad for the whole chair. In reality, there is also a very straightforward reason as to why this occurs. A workplace chair’s piston also missed its lift.

Hose Clamp And Duct Tape

The use of a hose clamp and also some duct tape is among the most popular DIY fast fixes or hacks. This option does not fix the office chair but will keep the chair from sinking momentarily. For such a method to operate, the hose clamp should be a length of 20 or 13/16″-1-3/4″ in diameter.

The hose clamp is mounted at a required size around the cylinder piston which acts as a barrier. The duct tape is being used to prevent the clamp from sliding.

This will only work for a few days and will finally fall apart. As a consequence, the chair will fall down again before you know it. It’s also not a true business world where you live or at home.

Start Oiling The Chair

The key thing you need to check when it comes to mechanical components is whether you can feel some sort of resistance when using your chair or its lever. In clear labels, you should be pleased since a liquid is lacking, which is why your office chair keeps sinking. Oil the seat joints to see if they become smoother.

Jubilee Clamp

Essentially, a jubilee clamp is a mechanism that protects hose pipes on taps. To wrap it around the cylinder of your sinking machine chair, you should get the jubilee clamp (from your nearest hardware store). You need duct tape and a screwdriver to repair the hydraulic chair.

PVC Pipe

The use of a PVC pipe whose diameter is slightly larger than the metallic pipe itself is another outstanding way to repair the sinking office chair. You will also need a screw to secure the tubing, a tape for measuring, and a saw for this process.

Replace The Pneumatic Cylinder

A desktop chair that tends to sink can be repaired by replacing the pneumatic cylinder, which wears out over time. If this is the cause of your sinking office chair, you’ll need to get it fixed by a professional. As the installation of a new pneumatic cylinder can be a complicated task, DIY is generally not recommended.

Tips For Buying Computer Chairs

Tips For Buying Computer Chairs

There are many tips for buying a computer chair, hence here are a few tips that can guide you to buying computer chairs.

Comfortable Material

Cover the computer chair with a comfortable material that helps the body to breathe. The desiring feeling of a fabric chair by many individuals, but modern fabrics such as mesh are extremely breathable and easy to manage.

However, wood and plastic aren’t suitable computer chair materials in which individuals can’t spend significant quantities of time as they get very uncomfortable easily.

Adjustable Heights

You should find a chair that you can adjust the height of the chair with your height. Search for a motorized control switch that allows you to lift or lower the seat.

Swivel And Caster

You’ll optimize your productivity if you can move your computer chair easily. A computer chair that can conveniently rotate and lets you access multiple areas of your desk. Swivel and casters at your chair’s bottom help you move about with ease.

Lumbar Support

On your computer chair, a curved backrest will give your back the support and comfort it needs. Select a desk chair designed to match your spine’s normal curvature. Hence, you need lumbar support so that you don’t slump, you have a good back.


Finding a chair that fits the look of your office is essential. You may want a chair or a modern and trendy design with a more formal atmosphere. Find a computer chair for your offices, bedrooms, and relax areas will help set the mood

Good Seat Depth and Width

The seat of the computer chair should be broad and comfortable enough to allow you to feel comfortable. If you’re tall, aim for a seat that’s bigger, but if you’re not, aim for one that’s broader.

Armrest In Chair

Have a computer chair with armrests to alleviate a few of the strain on your legs and hands. To make you place them in a way that helps your arms to sit easily while making you less prone to scowl, the armrests must also be adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article has furnished you with imperative information about why my computer chair keeps sinking. Still, got a question? We’re here to answer! Right here are few solutions that commonly are asked by our fellow readers-

Can you fix the hydraulics desk chair?

Yes, the hydraulics desk chair can be fixed. Although it depends on the problem, with the right tools and equipment you can fix the hydraulics desk chairs.

What does the knob under the office chair do?

By turning a probably big round knob found under the seat towards the front of the seat, the tilt tension adjustment after altering. The tilt pressure knob can be modified to change the amount of effort necessary to rock or stay seated the chair backward.

How do you remove the plastic back of an office chair?

First, remove the arms of the chair then unscrew the plastic back and also unscrew the barbed fittings from the plastic.

What is a tilt lock in a chair?

The tilt function is disabled while the chair is in a standing posture. Tilt lock enables the user to sit in a standing posture during conferences, phone calls, and reading tasks for keyboarding while offering a convenient rocking/reclining movement.

Where should your lumbar support be?

The lumbar support should blend perfectly into your spine’s natural shape, usually directly over your belt line at the small of your back. This modification is also into the chair so that you can simultaneously modify both the back height of the chair and the lumbar support.


Computer chairs are continuing to sink, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on those awkward seating positions and end up making your day a battle. Simply follow the steps we’ve provided on how to fix a computer chair that keeps sinking and allows you to rest nicely the whole day.

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