How To Fix A Recliner Footrest That Won’t Stay Up: Restore Your Recliner!

In your house, your recliner is not just another piece of furniture; it’s sort of a refuge for you. Having a great rest while reading a book, watching a match, or snuggling with a pet and occasionally falling asleep later in the night on your favorite recliner footrest, what else can be more calming than this vibe in your recliner footrest?

A footrest recliner can be your comfort bubble, which is why it can be overused in the house rather than other furniture. However, if it stops functioning properly for excessive usage, a recliner will stop giving you relaxation and cause you more frustration.

With the right tools, it is possible to save both time and money that would be used on employing a repair person. Hence, our article will guide you with all your frustrations and ease your way to fix your recliner footrest to get the same comfort and relaxation. Let’s see how you can do it.

How To Fix A Recliner Footrest That Won’t Stay Up

A recliner will be worn and torn over a long time of use, potentially leading to breakdowns of a recliner footrest. When the harm is too much, you do need to contact a specialist. If the damage in the recliner is inferior, then there is no need to throw it out. You can patch it yourself instantly. Here’s the way:

Switch the recliner upside down towards where the screws are positioned. Start by lubricating all the footrest joints while being careful not to spill the lubricant on the cushions. Using the proper instruments, tighten the bolts in the footrest.

If any screws, bolts, or pins are rusted, fix them. Next time, make sure to use long screws. Turn the recliner to upside down and test if it’s okay.

If the footrest is unstable, secure the bolt. Turn the recliner upside down again if it is tightened, then add lubricant to the joint. Try loosening the screws if it is too tight. Note, when lubricating the recliner, cover the cushion.

What To Do If It Still Doesn’t Work?

If the footrest of the recliner isn’t repaired somehow, then you need to modify your old spring. The spring in the footrest tends to loosen or break over time. That’s why tightening the screw or loosening it doesn’t help the footrest of the recliner.

Turn the recliner upside down in the initial and take a closer look at the footrest and locate the mechanism that links the footrest arm to the locknuts. Try to understand the problem with spring.

What To Do If It Still Doesn’t Work

If the spring looks good and perfect, there’s another problem with the footrest of the recliner and a technician will inspect it.

How To Replace Recliner Footrest Springs

Our article has important steps that can help you to replace recliner footrest springs. These steps may make your process of replacing a recliner footrest.

How To Replace Recliner Footrest Springs

Step 1:

Turning your chair recliner backward and removing the cover is the first step you need to go through. Identify the retaining bolts that secure in position the recliner spring and use an elastic band to loosen them.

Moreover, by being cautious remove the bolts. Before you remove the bolts, check that if they are all available to come out. And using this method, you can see what’s going on and can get into the footrest and mechanism.

Step 2:

Find the spring that is broken. This should not be an issue, provided that recliner tension springs are wide enough to be easily seen. When you discover it, pass to the next level.

You will need to see if you have rusted or loosened any screws, bolts, or pins here. Then continue to do so if you see some component that needs to be either patched or fixed.

Step 3:

Gently pull the top segment of the broken tension spring until it comes out by itself. You can remove the lower part from its clamp when it gets apart.

Using bigger bits, you may opt to swap the damaged or rusted screws for current models. For longer and with higher intensity than without, they can remain close to the material. It should also safeguard the pieces that appear loose.

Step 4:

Buy a new tension spring that matches your recliner. The number of new springs you buy depends on the number of broken springs. A recliner seller, the manufacturer or buy a zigzag spring online can guide you with more information regarding this.

Step 5:

Until applying some lube, try to close the towel cloth so that you can wipe yourself. Also, to avoid any harm to your floor, put a large towel or newspaper under the recliner. You will manage to get the oil running afterward.

However, you can have replaced the component after replacing everything. Use some lubricant to the footrest spring.

Step 6:

Now, continue with repairing the broken or damaged ones after purchasing the spring. Hence, proceed to bring all the screws together and verify that they are secure after adding lubricant and testing to see if the components are working properly.

Continue the process by first adding the upper part and then re-clamping the lower part, because the lower part may be much easier to see.

Step 7:

Connect the covering or upholstery once again and transfer the recliner to the right position. Moreover, check the recliner by resting in it to see how the new spring operates for you. Correctly substitute the damaged spring.

To clean the amount of oil or grease, finish up using the towel cloth. And then, you will finally be able to use your recliner footrest without any stiffness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article has furnished you with imperative information about how to fix a recliner footrest that won’t stay up. Have more questions? We’re here to answer! There are few options right here that our fellow readers usually call for—

How do you fix a footrest that won’t lock in place?

Protect the materials beneath the footrest. Flip the recliner and loosen all the bolts. Apply lubricant and the handle should release the recliner. Flip the chair again and close the recliner.

Why is my recliner not closing?

The cable, the chain, or the pull handle also have issues. If there is stress on the spring on the engaging lever or handle, it will most likely be a defective lock mechanism.

Can a broken recliner be fixed?

Yes, you will need to repair bent or damaged fasteners, such as nuts and bolts or screws.

How much does it cost to fix a recliner?

The estimated price of recliner repair usually varies from $77-$120. But based on the kind of repairs, the number of seats, and the time taken required to perform the project, you could pay more or less.

Can Lazy Boy recliners be repaired?

Yes, you have the option of picking up the part and fixing the damage yourself, or a La-Z-Boy professional may repair it right at home.


Well then, it seems we have finally come to an end. So now, you know a lot about replacing recliner footrests and fixing a recliner footrest.

There are many ways and techniques for fixing a recliner footrest. Our article provided some important points that will guide you on how to fix the recliner forest that won’t stay up. However, you have to fix the recliner footrest, you can do that with ease. Thank you for reading the article and spending your precious time.

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