How To Fix A Sinking Desk Chair: DIY Hacks

We are all aware of how stressful a desk job can be. Moreover, sitting at your desk and working for extensively long sessions can really get to you. Fortunately, not every part of a desk job is annoying; after all, you get to sit on an office chair all day.

Therefore, we are sure that you definitely know how vital it is to have a comfortable working office chair. However, using it frequently over the years can cause it to malfunction. The chair sinking is one of the most popular issues that you can encounter. Therefore, if your main concern is how to fix a sinking desk chair, then you’ve come to the right place!

Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking?

To begin with, there’s a lot of mechanism behind why your chair starts to sink over frequent usage. Every type of office chair consists of a seat height lever that controls a valve. Moreover, a specific piston manages this valve by letting air in and out.

Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking

When your office chair starts sinking, it usually indicates that the valve is no longer working correctly. Therefore, you will have to replace the valve- also known as the chair cylinder- in order to fix the chair. However, the replacement process is tough and may not even be possible in some cases.

How To Fix A Sinking Desk Chair?

How To Fix A Sinking Desk Chair

Most chair cylinders start to fail within a few years prior to the purchase of the office chair. Typically, this happens when the cylinder’s seals are unable to maintain pressure. Previously, we mentioned that you could replace the valve to restore its functions. However, this is an expensive method. Instead, you can use the following low-cost methods to fix it.

Hose Clamp

Almost all desk chairs consist of a plastic tube around the cylinder covering it. Thus, the first thing that you will do is slide this plastic tube upwards or downwards. Continue doing this until you can fully see the metal cylinder beneath. If you’ve completed this phase, you can proceed to the next stage.

Start setting the height of the chair according to your preference once you’ve slid off the plastic skirt. However, be aware that changing the chair’s height after the repairing process won’t be an option anymore. Thus, please make sure that you set it to the correct height. Additionally, check that the chair’s seat and your knees are on the same height level.

Hose Clamp

On the other hand, place the desk chair sideways if it doesn’t stay up when no one’s sitting on it.

Moreover, you will also have to remove the plastic tube if it shields the cylinder at your preferred height. To do this, remove the wheels by turning the chair upside down and pull the tube out.

Now that you’re done adjusting the height, it’s time for you to get a 2 cm hose clamp (jubilee clip) from your local hardware store. Pull the belt end of the clip by loosening the screws and cloak it around the cylinder. However, don’t tighten it just yet.

In addition, you can also wrap the metal cylinder in rubber or layers of duct tape. This is going to provide the clamp with a rougher surface to grip onto. Therefore, the clamp is going to tighten much better than before. However, it would be best if you remove the grease from the cylinder beforehand.

Lastly, we strongly suggest that you make sure that the chair’s height is correct before tightening the clamp. Start the tightening step by first moving the clamp towards the top of the cylinder. Then pull the belt of the hose clamp and rotate the screw to fasten it, and voila! You’re done.

Finally, you can now test our newly fixed chair. The chair will now be unable to slide past the hose clamp. Moreover, the built-in mechanism of altering the height won’t be of any use anymore. On the other hand, you can also adjust the clamp’s position if the chair’s height isn’t correct.

PVC Pipe

This method is a much different approach to your sinking desk chair problem than the hose clamp method. Similar to the previous method, you will have to start the process by sliding the plastic skirt downwards, exposing the metal cylinder. Measure the cylinder’s diameter by horizontally holding a ruler across it. We suggest that you also find out the cylinder’s length at the correct height.

Your next task is to purchase a certain length of a PVC pipe from a hardware store. However, you need to make sure that the PVC pipe’s diameter is greater or equal to the cylinder’s diameter. A pipe with 1.5 inches in diameter works with most models.

PVC Pipe

Start sawing through the PVC pipe using a hacksaw or a bone saw. Moreover, ensuring that the cuts are made lengthwise would provide the best results. We suggest that you cut the pipe on only one side and use the tip-to-tip method. This leads to the creation of a pipe that has a slit in it.

Next, slide the plastic tube upwards or downwards once again and the PVC pipe into the cylinder. Please press on the slit end of the pipe against the metal cylinder to snap the pipe around it. The PVC pipe should hold the chair in place now and restrict it from sliding downwards.

Furthermore, you can also add extra pieces of PVC pipes to increase the height of the chair. To do this, raise the chair and snap another piece of the pipe onto the cylinder. However, you won’t be able to lower the height of the chair without removing the pipes. Thus, make sure that you set the chair to a preferred height.

Tips For Maintaining Office Chairs

We are no experts. However, we tried to summarize some of the methods you can apply to maintain your office chairs. Therefore, we would recommend that it would be best if you could follow some of these tips and methods. Hence, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tips For Maintaining Office Chairs

Spilling your drink while sitting on your office chair isn’t something unusual. However, dealing with the aftermath is what actually matters. On the other hand, why should you be required to look after anything like that? You can avoid this by being cautious while having your drink or food when you’re on the chair.

Also, you should regularly inspect your office chair for the build-up of dust and debris. This is because a stubborn layer of grime, dust, and dirt can badly damage your office chair. So, You should keep the office chair clean. Therefore, we suggest that you should use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt from the surface of the chair’s seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article provides you with an in-depth guideline on how you can fix a sinking desk chair. However, it doesn’t exactly offer any solutions to the concerns we receive through emails and comments every day. Hence, we have decided to answer some of them below-

What happens if your chair is too low?

Sitting on a chair that is too low decreases blood flow to your lower legs and causes swelling. Moreover, it applies pressure on the internal organs. Also, it causes a lot of discomfort in general.

How do you not sit in a chair?

If you’re seated in a chair, make sure your feet aren’t raised off the floor. Moreover, don’t aimlessly swing your arms when you’re on a chair. Instead, it would be best if you rest them on a desk relaxing your shoulder.

Why does my chair keep going up?

Many side effects occur when you replace a chair cylinder or if it does not adjust correctly. If the cylinder is too tight, then it will always be activated. Therefore, the chair will move up on its own.

How do you remove a chair from the base?

First of all, tip the chair onto one of its sides. Twist the gas cylinder in either direction to loosen it using a pipe wrench. Finally, apply force to pull apart the chair from the base. In addition, you can also remove the plastic tube.

Should your office chair have an armrest?

Generally, you will require very little use of the armrest when you’re seated at the right height. We refer to the right height when our elbows and the desk are at the same height. Keeping personal opinions aside, armrests on office chairs aren’t essential.

A Word From Us

Through our posts, we make every effort to provide you with the answers you need on the internet. Therefore, we are delighted that you could know how you can fix a sinking desk chair through our article. Moreover, we are also hopeful that the next time someone asks, “how to fix a sinking desk chair?” You’ll know exactly what to say!

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