How To Make A Computer Chair More Comfortable (11 Proven Ways)

We know that not all chairs are comfortable to sit, and we often get frustrated. The frustration is because of spending money on the wrong chair and not being able to change it. Here, we will talk about how to make a computer chair more comfortable doing 10 different tasks.

You won’t have to make all of the following points as you may already be using some of them. Also, some of the points may require buying some accessories. So, let’s get started with the guide to make your computer chair more comfortable.

How to Make A Computer Chair More Comfortable Adjusting Different Parts?

In your gaming chair or office chair, you can adjust several parts and make the chair more comfortable. Let’s see how you can easily make your chair more comfortable in 11 tested and proven ways.


1. Adjusting the Seat Position

Now, this is a feature that you won’t find in many chairs, but luckily you can find some in our reviews. Adjusting the seat position of the chair means that you can move the seat a bit backward or forward as you like. Moving it forward can increase the distance between the seat and the backrest.

So, you might feel sinking, and to solve that, you have to back up the seat a little bit. By adjusting the seat position, you will make more comfortable sitting and keep the blood flow smooth.

2. Adjusting the Backrest

The backrest is very important to make sure you are comfortable sitting. Most of the computer chairs come with adjustable backrest. It means that you will be able to recline it as much as you prefer.

Some chairs come with levers that can fix a specific angle, and the recommended angle is around 110-degrees. This is considered the optimum reclined position by experts, but you should do it as you feel comfortable.

3. Adjusting the Chair Height

Now, adjust the pneumatic cylinder to adjust the height of your computer chair. It is very important because the wrong height can lead to blocked blood circulation in your thigh and leg area.

The recommended adjustment procedure includes sitting on your chair while the chair is at its lowest height. After that, keep increasing the height until you reach the point where your thigh and leg is making a 90-degree angle. You have to follow this rule for those chairs without raised edges. For gaming computer chairs with raised edges, please read the 8th point below.

4. Adjusting the Armrest

All high-end computer chairs come with adjustable armrests, and it is important for several reasons. Without the right height adjustment of the armrest, you will have pain in the wrist and elbow. The suggested position for armrest adjusting is to keep your hand in a resting position.

It means that the level of the armrest and the table should be the same. At the time of typing something, check and adjust the level. Make sure that your hands neither have to reach the keyboards nor typing in a downward position. The litmus test is that you will just be able to write comfortably, and after a few hours of typing, your wrists won’t hurt.

5. Adjusting the Table Height

The table height adjustment is related to the previous point of armrest configuration. Your table height should be the same as the armrest level and keep the keyboard and mouse on the table. Next, we have to consider the monitor height, and let’s talk about it in the next point.

6. Adjusting the Monitor

After adjusting all the parts of your chair described above, you have to sit straight and look in the front. Don’t bend your neck or get too stretched to look above and normally sit comfortably looking forward.

If the top portion of the monitor is at the level of your eye, the monitor is at the right height. If it is not, you can adjust accordingly by putting something below it. Otherwise, you can mount it on the wall using some adjustable angles.

7. Using a back support

Normally chairs come with a little bit of back support built-in in its ergonomic design. If you think that the support is not helping you, there are small cushions, and you can buy one. Putting it in your lumbar area, you won’t have back pain even if you sit for hours.

8. Using a footrest

Buying a footrest is necessary if you own a gaming chair with raised edges on the seat. Because of a raised edge, your thighs might not get enough blood. Putting a footrest helps to keep the thighs relaxed, and blood circulation will be normal.

9. Getting wheels

Wheels are so common that you might wonder what is the necessity to talk about it here? There are many computer chair models that come without any wheels. Buying a chair with wheels can give you many benefits. If you don’t want to move around, lock the wheels, and you will be good to go.

10. Getting the posture right

If you are maintaining all the points on the above correctly, your posture automatically gets right. Watching some YouTube videos, you will get plenty of suggestions to get your posture right.

11. Getting a new one

This is the final step where you might need to change your chair in case all those modifications fail. It also means that you have bought a chair without doing much research and gave your budget more priority than you should. That is why we are here to help you get the best computer chair on the market.


It is very crucial to get your sitting right and buy the best chair so that you won’t have chronic back pain. We suggest that you should look at other articles on our website and buy the most suitable and affordable computer chair according to your needs.

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