How To Make Office Chairs Higher? 2023

We are both mindful that a desk job can be frustrating. In comparison, working at your desk and operating over long sessions will really get to you. Luckily, not every aspect of an office job is irksome; you get to relax all day in an office chair, after all. Therefore, We are confident that you understand the importance of having a comfortable office chair.

In addition, using the office chair at the correct height can be a joy. Moreover, using the chair at the right height prevents a lot of injuries and syndromes as well. Thus, if your main concern is sitting on a too-low chair, then continue reading to find out how to make your office chair higher.

How High Should My Chair Be?

Studies show that using an office chair that is not set to the correct height can lead to many health problems. For example, it can cause severe muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain in the lower back. In contrast, a too high chair can cause Golfer’s Elbows- swelling on the elbow’s inner side.

How High Should My Chair Be

You should comfortably be able to cross your legs at the knee level when sitting on your office chair. However, sometimes that’s not the case, and you may not be able to fit your legs under your desk. This indicates that there isn’t enough space for your leg’s movements, and the chair is too high for you.

Finding the ideal height of your office chair is a simple task. The only thing you need to do is alter the chair’s height. Keep pulling the height lever up until the seat’s highest point falls just under your knee caps. In addition, adjust the chair’s height so that your elbows and the desk are at the same height.

How To Make Office Chairs Higher

There are many methods that you apply to make an office chair higher. However, the most common process that people use is by releasing the height adjustment lever under the chair’s seat. They let the chair rise to a preferred height and then lock the lever in position.

How To Make Office Chairs Higher

On the other hand, some office chairs have a threaded post instead of a lever. If that’s the case, then roll it onto its side and rotate the base in a counterclockwise manner to lift the chair. Generally, you can raise the height of most office chairs using these two methods.

Alternative methods include replacing the current gas lift cylinder with a longer one or adding few wood pieces. In contrast, you could simply buy a height-extension kit and raise the height of the chair. However, these processes’ effects will depend on the type of office chair and the degree of your skills.

Type Of Chair

There are mainly three types of office chairs. These include the ones that have a height-altering lever and the ones consisting of a threaded post. Then there are some that come with either option. As we have previously mentioned, the height altering method is different for each type. Thus, it would be best if you could check what kind of office chairs you own.

1. Longer Gas Lift Cylinders

One of the vital factors that affect how high a chair can go is the length of its gas lift cylinder. The length of the standard office chair’s gas lift cylinder is about 5 inches. Therefore, you can always opt to get a longer cylinder if fully extending the current one doesn’t give you the right height.

Longer Gas Lift Cylinders

We recommend searching for a gas lift cylinder with a length of at least 5 inches. Some of the models can go as high as 8 inches, which is ideal for bringing low office chairs up to standard height. However, it solely depends on your preferences in the end. Thus, choose one which is ideal for you.

2. Pieces Of Wood

The following method is one of the least popular methods for increasing the height of an office chair. However, it is highly effective if you can carry it out correctly. This process requires the use of wood to form a bridge between the chair’s seat and its base. However, this process only applies to chairs with longer screws.

It’s still a simple solution, even though it needs a bit of your DIY skills from your side. To begin with, tilt the chair so that its base is facing upwards and towards you. Then, remove the bottom of the chair/ chair tilt mechanism under the chair’s seat using a screwdriver.

How To Make Office Chairs Higher? 2023 1

Once you’ve finished with that, move on to the next stage. Make a note of the positions of the screw holes on the chair’s underside. Please ensure that these marked positions are in line with the chair’s bottom. Next, cut a 2-3 inches thick piece of wood that is a little wider than the chair’s bottom. Then drill holes into the wood, matching the holes in the chair’s bottom.

Keep a gap of at least one inch between the hole and the edge of the wood for durability. Position the place of wood onto the chair’s bottom once you finish drilling. Please ensure that the screw holes alignment between the chair, the wood, and the chair’s bottom is correct.

Finally, for a tight fit, use screws that are long enough to travel into all three screw holes, and voila! You are going to see that the extra piece of wood has increased the chair’s height. However, you should know that the chair’s extra height will slightly reduce its control.

Tips For Buying Office Chairs

Finding the ideal office chair may be quite difficult. You’ll have to choose one that meets both your desires and your budget. Therefore, we suggest that you carry out in-depth research before concluding. In addition, we are also going to provide you some tips that can help you find your ideal model.

1. Full Back

Quality office chairs should be comfortable to sit on and must have a full back. Therefore, it would be best to make sure that the model you’re purchasing offers multiple adjustable positions. In addition, these models should also have decent lumbar support and settings for altering the recline.Office Chair Full Back

3. Upholstery

The upholstery of an office chair is one of its most crucial properties. Therefore, the upholstery should be made from breathable materials. In addition, having a breathable upholstery means that it isn’t sensitive to the skin and won’t cause any skin reactions. For example, these may include allergy, rash, and Chairs upholstery

4. Weight Capacity

Every piece of furniture in the world has a weight capacity. An office chair isn’t any exception either. Therefore, we suggest that you get an office chair that has a high weight capacity. Furthermore, having a high weight capacity means that the chair’s materials are highly durable. Thus, these types of office chairs can last for a long time.Office Chairs Weight Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article provides a thorough guideline on how the office chair’s height can be increased. However, it doesn’t exactly acknowledge the concerns that we receive through emails and comments we receive every day. Thus, we will be responding to some of them below-

What happens if your desk is too high?

Working on a desk that is too high for you can cause shoulder, elbow, and hand discomfort. This can easily stress your muscles out and cause you further injuries. Hence, we propose that you increase the height of your chair.

How should you sit in an office chair?

When sitting in an office chair, make sure your feet are flat on the surface. Additionally, make sure your knees are partially bent and aligned with your hips. Sit straight and keep your hips further into the back of the chair.

Should your office chair have armrests?

Armrests can provide a place for you to help ease your forearms and shoulders. On the other hand, when you’re sitting at the correct height, you hardly require the help of the armrests. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preferences.

Should you lean back in your chair?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. Leaning back in your chair increases the pressure in your spine, mostly in your lumbar spine and neck. Moreover, leaning back in your chair can also reduce productivity.

Should your knees be higher than your hips when sitting?

We strongly recommend that you keep your knees and your hips roughly on the same level. Keeping your knees above your hips when sitting on a low chair can pressurize your spine. Therefore, please refrain from keeping your knees higher than your hips to avoid further injuries.

A Word From Us

We make every effort to provide you with the answers you need on the internet through our articles. Therefore, we are very glad that you were able to know how you can increase the height of your office chair through our post. Furthermore, we are also confident that the next time someone asks, “how to make office chairs higher?” You can answer with certainty.

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