How To Sit In A Gaming Chair – (The Ultimate Guide In 2021)

Without knowing how to sit in a gaming chair, the whole purpose of buying a gaming chair will be lost. Now, you must be thinking how can there be rules to sit on a chair? One just sits and does what he/she is supposed to be doing.

But that is not correct and you must maintain some basic guidelines to take the most advantage from a gaming chair. Below, you will know 2 things in brief where the first thing is about the guideline. And the second thing is about adjusting your gaming chair according to the guideline.

What Is the Guideline to Sit in A Gaming Chair?

In this portion, you will get to know the right rule for sitting on a gaming chair. After this part, you will know how to adjust your gaming chair to match the right posture.

  • First of all, you need to make sure of the perfect sit-height. Take a measurement tape and read the value from the floor to just below the kneecap while you are sitting. That is the height your chair should have so that your feet and leg have smooth blood circulation.
  • Secondly, make sure that your feet are resting flat on the floor while you are sitting. This means that the thigh and the leg must be 90-degrees bent at the knee area. If the chair has a raised edge, there should be a footrest to maintain the angle.
  • Thirdly, sitting with a 90-degree angle is not recommended as it creates too much pressure on the lumbar vertebra area. It is one of the reasons to get chronic back pain. So, the best practice is to have the chair in a 100 to a 130-degree reclining position.
  • Fourthly, while you are sitting with a little bit more angle than the 90-degrees, you must have a support cushion on the lumbar area.
  • After that, keep the monitor at your arm’s length away from the eyes and adjust the height so that the eyes are straight to the one-third of the top portion of the monitor.
  • Finally, you have to correct the elbow angle which is 90 to 100-degrees. It will look like your arms are resting and make sure that your wrist is not in pain after some typing.

TLDR: Eyes should be at least 25 to 28″ away from the screen, eyesight must be straight to the top bar of the monitor, don’t raise the shoulder too much, put the arms 90-degrees bent from the elbow, and sit straight with the back-support.

How to Sit in A Gaming Chair Adjusting Different Parts

If you can maintain that posture with correct angles and support, you can sit in any chair comfortably for hours. Now, let’s see how to adjust gaming chairs manipulating different parts. It will also include some adjustments to the monitors and tables.


  • We talked about the chair’s height adjustment at first and you can easily do that by pulling the lever below the seat. In a gaming chair, you will see several levers for different tasks. Look for the height adjustment one and adjust in such a way that your knee stays at a 90-degree angle.
  • Also, buy a footrest as you will notice that your gaming chair comes with a raised edge. Furthermore, adjust the angle of the footrest according to how much raised edge it has. That footrest will make sure of the desired angle of your knee and you won’t get numbed feet after a few hours of sitting.
  • After that, unlock the chair for reclining a bit if your chair has that locking mechanism. Otherwise, relaxing a bit backward will achieve that angle of 100 to 130-degrees.
  • Next, it comes to the adjustment of the lumbar support. Every high-end chair comes with a small pillow on the lumbar area and you can adjust its height according to your body shape.
  • Also, the armrest needs to be adjusted so that you can rest your elbow and maintain a 90-degree angle.
  • Finally, adjusting the monitor height will be your priority. As you have sat on the chair perfectly, you will need to raise the height of the monitor according to the expert recommendations discussed above. You can either raise it by stacking some books below or make it wall-mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming chairs bad for posture?

No, gaming chairs are not bad for posture but you will have to maintain a few things. For example, without a footrest, you will experience numbness in your leg. Like that, ensure a few things and a gaming chair will be your best companion.

Are gaming chairs more comfortable?

The design and the ergonomics of a gaming chair are very comfortable to sit for hours. Good-budget chairs are so comfortable that users don’t realize that they are sitting for long hours. These chairs match every curve of your body making it natural to sit on.

Are gaming chairs actually ergonomic?

Yes, gaming chairs are ergonomic because of their adjustable and supportive accessories. The back support, armrest, and neck support cushions are comfortable and help maintain a healthy posture. You won’t get this in the low budget office chairs.

Does a gaming chair make a difference?

If you compare your everyday chair that has no support at any position with a gaming chair, it, of course, makes a huge difference. For gaming, studying, or office work that requires long hours of sitting, gaming chairs can be very supportive.

What is the best gaming position?

Sitting on a gaming chair maintaining some height rules is the best gaming position. With the table height slightly lower than the elbow, eyes almost at the level of the monitor, and sitting in a relaxed position with back support, you can sit for hours without having back pain or any other problem.


We hope that our research on how to sit in a gaming chair helps you properly utilize it. Many people don’t believe that gaming chairs are effective and we don’t blame them. Because of their lack of knowledge, they can’t realize the full potential of these chairs. We believe that you are not among them as you know the facts now.

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