Office Chair vs Gaming Chair (2021): Could We Find the Best One?

At the beginning of our research for an office chair vs gaming chair, we saw long hours of debate and discussions. Those are on whether gaming chairs are a gimmick or they can keep you healthy and many more issues.

Throughout the article below, we will try to compare both chair types. Also, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions that will help you make a decision. In the end, you will know our expert opinion and a definitive answer to choosing the best chair for you.

Office Chairs

Simply put, the chairs made for desk or office usage are called office chairs. But they are not only used in offices but also in several other places because of their simplicity and modern look.

Office chairs are designed in a way to support long hours of work and not let you get sleepy. What it means is that it will ensure the right posture but won’t let you get comfortable too much. This is important for office work for a limited time.

Gaming Chairs

The main intention of making gaming chairs was to support the gamers. With long hours of sitting in front of a computer, people started having back pains and several other issues. So, DXRacer first made a chair in 2006, primarily for gamers.

Soon after the release of gaming chairs, it gained popularity, and people bought it for other purposes too. The reason behind it is its improved ergonomics and better support on several points of our back.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: An Honest Comparison

We understand that there are 5 essential characteristics to check for making the right decision. Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting needs a decent chair. And the following parameters should be seriously considered by those persons.


1. Right Posture

The very first thing to make sure is that your chair has the necessary cushions and support to maintain the correct posture. That is called lumbar support, and all high-end chairs have that.

So, both chairs have what is the most important factor for us. Now, gaming chairs have buckle seat designs that resemble the seats of racing cars and supercars. Office chairs don’t have that design, but one should be asking whether it is essential or not.

For both looks and gaming vibe, that is an important feature. But it doesn’t offer any better posture or increase comfort. On the other hand, a raised edge on the sitting area is a feature of gaming chairs. It lifts your leg a little bit, which may actually make your leg feel numb after some time. The good practice is to keep the knees bent to 90-degrees, and office chairs maintain that.

Conclusion on the right posture: Both chairs maintain the proper posture, but gaming chairs have a raised edge, which is bad for office work. It will hurt your knee and introduce pain in the knee joint.

2. Comfort

Maintaining the right posture, you will have to ensure satisfaction. Gaming chairs come with PU or original leather and solid foams. So, that feels a lot more comfortable you can sit for long hours. However, office chairs also are comfortable, and the seats are made of mesh, leather, fabric, etc.

Conclusion on comfort: In terms of comfort, both chairs can provide that. Depending on your budget, you will have different materials and comfort. In that case, you can make the chair more comfortable.

3. Adjustable Features

Now, the adjustable features include lumbar support, neck support, headrest, reclining, and armrest. Gaming chairs come with those features, and you can adjust as per your requirements. On the other hand, all office chairs don’t come with those features. Some come with an adjustable armrests and headrests, and some come with adjustable lumbar support. However, gaming chairs can go to a full reclining position for a quick nap, and office chairs can’t get to a more reclining position. The reason is that office chairs with too much reclining can make you sleepy and hamper work hours.

Conclusion on adjustable features: In this part, gaming chairs are a complete winner with a lot of adjustable features. But one also can’t blame office chairs for fewer options because that is an intentional limit to increase productivity.

4. Design or Look

Next, you can consider the design of the chair, and both chairs come with a lot of varieties. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you will get what you want from our best reviews.

Conclusion on design: For a simple and elegant look, office chairs are the best for formal usage. But you can go for a more luxurious vibe and buy a gaming chair. So, there is no absolute decision on which one is the best in the design category.

5. Quality and Budget

Finally, it all comes down to the budget the quality according to the price. For good quality office chairs, you need to go above 800 bucks, and for gaming chairs, it might be even more.

Conclusion on the budget: Nothing much to say in this part as different customers have different budget ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are office chairs so expensive?

Actually, office chairs are not that expensive if you think carefully. The material, build quality, years into research and development, and continuous development costs a lot of money. So, spending more than $800 for a durable and comfortable office chair is not much.

What is different about a gaming chair?

If you are comparing a gaming chair with other normal chairs, the answer will be yes, gaming chairs make a difference. As we sit for long hours, the wrong posture takes a toll on the backbone. This is where gaming chairs save us from getting chronic pain.

Can gaming chairs be used as office chairs?

Yes, gaming chairs can be used as office chairs, and you will see that in many modern offices. However, it is not widely accepted as it doesn’t go with the corporate culture. Also, gaming chairs are so comfortable that you might fall asleep.

Are gaming chairs really worth it?

Yes, gaming chairs are worth it but don’t go for the low-budget ones. Those come with poor build quality and the materials are not durable at all. So, read our reviews and you will not get cheated in any way.

Final Words

The decision is clear here, and you already know it from the discussions above. You can finally end the debate on office chair vs gaming chair depending on your needs.

If you need to complete a serious task that requires long work hours, you must go with the office chairs. High-end office chairs also help maintain a good posture without letting you comfort too much.

On the other hand, for a long time of work that allows you for some relaxation, a gaming chair will be the most supportive. So, know your requirements and set a budget; we will help you get the best chair for your home or office.

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