What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use For Gaming Like A Pro!

Only Fortnite gamers know who Ninja is, and they often ask what gaming chair does Ninja use? Other gamers using twitch streaming services or being active in the community also know who he is. So, we found out about the brand and let’s see why you should buy it too.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

Over the years, Ninja was seen to be using gaming chairs of several brands in the tournaments. Among them, AKRacing, Techni Sport, DXRacer, and NeedforSEAT are mentioned.

But currently, he is using a custom-made gaming chair called Maxnomic, and NeedforSEAT manufactures it. This is a very popular brand, and let’s talk a little bit about the brand.

What Do We Know About Needforseat?

NeedforSEAT is the mother company based in Germany, and we are talking about their brand Maxnomic. You will see the branding and sales with the chair’s brand Maxnomic which operates under NeedforSEAT but totally independent.

What Do We Know About Needforseat

The team behind designing and quality controlling of the chair worked at NeedforSEAT, and now they are determined to serve you with their experience and dedication. Let’s talk about the chair brand now and what they are offering.

What Do We Know About the Maxnomic Gaming Chair?

Maxnomic is a combination of the words Maximum and Ergonomic, which we think is brilliantly put. These gaming chairs are really spacious and take some serious load. Moreover, the ergonomic design will match your body shape and let you play for hours without having any back pain.

Why Should You Buy a Maxnomic Gaming Chair?

The first and the most important reason to get a Maxnomic gaming chair is its ergonomic design and better support. Let’s see what the main features you should invest so much money in such a chair are.

Why Should You Buy a Maxnomic Gaming Chair

Weight capacity

The first important thing about a gaming chair is its weight taking capability. A Maxnomic gaming chair can take up to 285 pounds or almost 130 kilograms. So, if you are a healthy, tall person, you won’t have to worry about the chair’s capabilities.

Recliner range

The range of a Maxnomic gaming chair is 56 degrees, where it can recline 49 degrees and lean forward 9 degrees. For comfort and relaxing sometimes, this range is more than enough. Too much reclining might turn out not-so-good in some cases. So, this is the optimum range for gamers to play for hours.


There are several adjustable parts in a Maxnomic gaming chair, making sure maximum comfort. You can adjust the back part, armrests, chair-height, and seat angle. Those are all the necessary adjustment features that a pro-gamer looks for in a gaming chair. Altogether, you will be able to sit more comfortably than a normal chair.


To ensure better ergonomics, it comes with lumbar support, raised-edge seat, and seat tilting feature. On the back, you can adjust the lumbar support cushion to match the curves of your lower back. At the same time, you can set the seat at 5 different angles that will ensure comfortable sitting for hours.

Build Quality

Without any doubt, Maxnomic gaming chairs are of the highest quality, and that is why people love this chair. Also, Ninja uses this chair for a reason, and one of it is its highest build quality with several adjustable features.


Most of the gaming chairs under an affordable budget range don’t come with leather. Also, leather is not the ultimate standard because different materials have proved their worth many times. So, Maxnomic gaming chairs come with such materials that are durable and at the same time comfortable.


This chair comes with professional 4D armrests so that you can adjust it to your maximum comfort level while gaming. For professional gamers, every single detail matters, and that is why this armrest is the most convenient option.


The final reason to buy a Maxnomic gaming chair is its style that matches the style of a pro-gamer. Its curves and overall look promote a certain kind of aggressiveness that boosts your confidence.

Are There Any Benefits Using a Maxnomic Gaming Chair?

Without any doubt, gaming chairs help maintain your sitting posture, But you have to sit in the gaming chair properly. As gamers need to sit for many hours, chairs must be made with special care. So, the NeedforSEAT makes Maxnomic chairs for your maximum comfort. Let’s see the benefits of using the gaming chair that Ninja uses.

Are There Any Benefits Using a Maxnomic Gaming Chair

  • Due to the ergonomics of the chair, it won’t be able to take a toll on your health even if you sit for hours.
  • You won’t have to face and suffer from chronic back pain or heart problems.
  • Because of the proper sitting position, the blood circulation stays optimum all over the body.
  • It will increase your confidence while gaming, making your skills grow day by day.
  • Assembling, handling, and maintaining this chair is easier than others making it convenient for gamers.


Ninja does not prefer all of the gaming chairs that are available in the market. So, a lot of fans ask what gaming chair does Ninja use and we have answered it along with some more important information? Now, you know the answer, and it is the Maxnomic gaming chair. If you follow Ninja or other pro-gamers, you might want to give this chair a try.

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